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Knitter's Pride Ginger Special Interchangeable Set

Special Tips are designed to produce circulars in 16" (40cm) length. Each tip measures 4" (10cm) and is to be used with cord of 8" (20cm) length

• Thoughtfully packaged needle set - complete in all respects
• Made from premium quality denim and beige finish material - the most usable needle case - incorporates a pattern holder
• Includes needles in 13 sizes (US 3-17) to cover all yarn weights
• Four cords to make 16” & 20”
• 8 End caps
• 4 Cord keys
• Twenty stitch markers in two sizes and shapes
• Matching Pen to mark your pattern row
• One set of cord connectors to prepare bigger cord lengths
• Lightweight, strong & durable needles
• Perfect points, flawlessly tapered – ideal for all yarns and every project
• Smooth wood surface works effortlessly with every type of yarn without slowing down knitting rhythm
• The knitter's favorite needle: Providing hours of pleasurable knitting with no hand fatigue

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